Looking for a weekend road trip? Charlotte is just a few hours from Wilmington, and has so much to do! While Charlotte is most known for its racing and the banking industry, locals and enthusiasts all know that art is also a standout of the city. With beautiful museums, galleries and art focused outdoor spaces, Charlotte should be on your art travel list. Checkout these must see art focused destinations in the city.

Mint Museum UPTOWN: This is a part of the Levine Center for the Arts in uptown Charlotte. In 2010 it acquired its Modern & Contemporary Art Collection from the pre-existing Mint Museum RANDOLPH. It's the home of the Modern & Contemporary Art Collection that was a part of the Mint Museum Randolph. This collection includes paintings, sculptures, photography, works on paper, artists' books, installations, and new media from around the globe. The museum is also home to a permanent gallery for international craft and design from the 21st century

The Harvey B. Gantt Center: This museum celebrates African-American culture through visual art, music, dance, theater, and film. It is also a part of the Levine Center for the Arts. The building's design was inspired by the neighborhood's old Myers Street School, with stairs and escalators mimicking the school's 'Jacob's Ladder' concept which focuses on educational advancement and enlightenment.  

LaCa Projects: Visitors will enjoy the opportunity to see artists at work in some of the studios at LaCa Projects. This gallery is home to Latin American Contemporary Art in Charlotte. LaCa has strong focused on new and upcoming artists as well as featuring mater Latin artist in exhibits throughout the year.

The McColl Center for Visual Arts: This is a must visit for art lovers that would like to interact with featured artist. McColl welcomes visitors and artist engagement with their open studio time, workshops and more. You will find artists that focus on environmental impact and change which means there is not just beautiful art but lessons on caring for the environment built right in.

The Light Factory: The gallery has been a staple in the Charlotte art community for 40 years. It focuses on black and white photography, photojournalism and animation. While it is a gallery it is also an educational space that offers classes and workshops for visitors interested in these art forms.

These are some of the larger Art focused venues to visit but you can find smaller galleries and shows all around Charlotte. You can also find various art installations around the city making art accessible for everyone.